by Sarah Aroeste

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Gracia is international Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste's third album, and includes many original Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) songs. Produced with Shai Bachar (Ishtar Alabina, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Sheila Jordan), the songs on Gracia are a detailed mix of feminist, experimental, raw, rock-beat, energetic, empowering, electronic, retro-chic, emotional, Mediterranean-infused Ladino sounds.


released May 22, 2012

Musical Producer: Shai Bachar
Mixing: Eli Lishinsky at Artsonic Studios (NY); “Gracia” mixed by Noam Levinberg
Mastering: Scott Hull at Scott Hull Mastering (NY)
Recording: Noam Levinberg at Pluto Studios (Tel Aviv); Zoar “Baba” Burger & Eli Lishinsky at Nir Graff Studio (NY)
Graphic Design: Shiry Berke
Photography: Dror-Forshée Photography
Reproduction: Oasis Disc Manufacturing

(see individual songs for track credits)

Want to learn more about the songs? Read Sarah's Tumblr to get the inside scoop on the inspirations for each of the tracks:




Sarah Aroeste New York, New York

Sarah Aroeste rocks out in Ladino- she travels the globe fusing original and 15th-century Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) tunes with her own unique blend of rock, funk and blues.

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Track Name: Gracia
Tu mos das gracia
Tu mos das vida
Tu mos das esperanza

Tu mos das bravura
Tu mos das fuersa
Tu mos das feuzia

Tu mos das dicha
Tu mos das boz
Tu mos das enspirasyon

Tu mos das estima
Tu mos das valor
Tu mos das admirasion

Por que ti tenemos
Onor, pleto, effeto;
Por que ti soportamos
Con poder, altas, respekto

Unos tienen las echas, otras la fama—
Las tienes enjuntas.

You give us grace
You give us life
You give us promise

You give us bravery
You give us strength
You give us defiance

You give us command
You give us voice
You give us inspiration

You give us esteem
You give us value
You give us admiration

Because of you we have the
Honor, fight, effect;
Because of you we stand with
Power, height, respect

Some have the deeds, some have the fame--
You have both and the same.
Track Name: Scalerica de Oro/Dodi Yarad
Scalerica de oro, de oro y de marfil
Para que suva la novia a dar kidushin.

Venimos a ver, venimos a ver
I gozen y logren y tengan muncho bien.

La novia no tiene dinero
Que mos tenga un mazal bueno.

La novia no tiene contado
Que mos tenga un mazal alto.

Dodi yarad ligano
L’arugot besamo
L’hitales im bat nediv
V’lifros aleiha sukat shelomo
Apiryon asah lo hamelech shelomo
B’yom chatunato uvyom simchat libo

Yismach chatan im lev kalah
L’kacha lo l’goralo
V’tomar l’mahalalo
Ashrei ha’am shecachah lo


A ladder of gold and ivory
So the bride can go up to take her marriage vows.

We've come to see, we've come to see
May they have joy and prosper and be very happy.

The bride has no money
May they have good fortune.

The bride has no riches
May they have good luck.

My beloved went to the garden
To smell the perfume
To make love to the daughter of the generous
To cover her with peace
A gown that King Solomon made him
On the day of his wedding, the joy of his heart.

May the groom rejoice with his bride
That he took her of his fate
She will say to the one who praises
Lucky are the people who benefit from this moment.
Track Name: Chika Morena
So la chika morena
La de kaveyos largos
La de los ojos duros
Ama de korason kontente.
Tengo mas de mil anyos
He traversado mares i frontieras
Un dia tornaré a mi tierra
Ke el kalor de mi madre me aspera

Morena me llaman
Blanca yo naci
De pasear galana
Mi color perdi

So la chika morena
A los reyes he sigido
Suvido eskaleras de oro
Kazado kon el mundo i bivido
Bezado los pies de mis hijos
I las manos de mis ermanos
Sigiendo la boz de mis padres
A topar la guerta de mi madre

I am the dark beauty
The one with the long hair
And the strong eyes
But with a happy heart.
I have lived more than 1000 years
I have crossed seas and borders
One day I will return to my land
Where the warmth of my mother awaits me.

They call me the dark beauty
But I was born quite fair
Parading about
I have lost my color

I am the dark beauty
Who has abided by many kings
Climbed ladders of gold
Married into the world and lived.
I have kissed the feet of my children
And the hands of my brothers
I am following the voices of my ancestors
To return to the garden of my mother.
Track Name: La Comida La Manana
La comida la mañana
La tadre la traigo atras
Que lo sepa la mi madre
Que yo quero t’espozar

Una hora en la ventana
Otra hora en el balcon
Que lo sepa la mi madre
Que yo tengo muncho amor

No se burle la mi madre
No se burle del amor
Ella cuando era moza
Hizo amor con mi señor

Yo lo hize la mi hija
Yo lo hize con l’amor
No son como los de agora
Que dexan con la dolor


The morning meal
In the afternoon I’ll bring it back
So that my mother will know
That I wish to marry you

An hour by the window
Another hour at the balcony
So that my mother will know
How much I love you

Don’t make fun of me, my mother
Don’t make fun of love
When she was young
She made love with my father

Yes I did my daughter
But I did it with love
I am not like young women of today
Who are left in grief
Track Name: Ensuenyo Te Vi
Anoche en durmiendo,
Yo en suenyo te vi

Tu sunrisa tan dulse,
Tus palavras a mi

Tu abraso tan tierno,
M’incheron de amor

En avriendo los ojos,
A mi lado te vi

Tu durmias kansado,
De un dia de lavor

Despertar no te kiji,
Te deshi deskansar

En mi suenyo tornando,
Un gran bezo te di

Anoche en durmiendo,
En suenyo te ami

Last night as I was sleeping,
I saw you in my dreams

Your smile so sweet,
Your words to me

Your tender embrace,
Full of love

When I opened my eyes,
I saw you beside me

You were sleeping, tired
After a long day of work

I didn’t want to disturb you,
So I let you rest

I returned to my dream,
Where I gave you a big kiss

And as I was sleeping,
I loved you as I dreamt.
Track Name: Las Estreyas
Las estreyas de los cielos, kerido
Eyas son que arrelumbran
En eyas no hay firmeza
Niño de mi korason
Ya me abasta la mia passion.

Ten pasiensa con ti, kerido
En estos dias speras tu avenir
Que mos sera briyante
Niño de mi korason
Mi amor en ti fondi yo.

Una cosa te diré, kerido
El mundo no kedo ansi
Muchas cosas yo pensi
Niño de mi korason
Ainda no te alkansi.

The stars in heaven, my dear
They are the ones that shine
They are not steady
Boy of my heart
Already my passion in enough for me.

Be patient with yourself, my dear
You will know your future very soon
Which will be shining for us
Boy of my heart
My darling I have built my hopes on you.

I will tell you one thing, my dear
The world does not stay like that
I thought many things
Boy of my heart
I still have not reached you.
Track Name: Avre Este Abajour Bijou
Avre este abajour bijou,
Avre la tu ventana;
Por ver tu cara morena
Al Dio daré mi alma.

Por la tu puerta yo pasi,
I la topi cerrada;
La llavedura yo besi
Como besar tu cara.

Si tu de mi t'olvidaras,
Tu hermozura piedras;
Ningun niño t'endeñara
En los mis brasos mueras.


Open the shade my jewel,
Open your window;
To see your dark face
I will give my soul to God.

I passed by your door,
And I found it was closed;
The keyhole I kissed
As though kissing your face.

If you forget about me,
You will lose all your beauty;
No man will ever bear you children
May you die in my arms.
Track Name: Tu Portret
El dia ke de mi partites
Tu portret a mi deshates.
“Vo tornar” tu me dishites,
“Yo te rogo me asperar.”

Ande stas tu, mi kerido?
Tu portret st’aki enkolgado.
De ti nunka yo m’olvido.
No se mas kualo pensar.

De mi vida tu salites,
Ni una letra me mandates.
Ande te desparesites?
Yo no kedo de yorar.

Dia i noche sospirando,
A tus bezos vo pensando,
I el tiempo sta pasando
Tu figura a kontemplar.

Tu portret yo vo mirando.
La dolor me sta matando,
A tu alma sto rogando:
No me deshes sin avlar.

The day that you abandoned me
Your portrait was all that you left.
“I will return” you said to me,
“I want you to wait for me.”

Where are you, my dear?
Your picture is here hanging.
Nothing of you I forget,
I do not know what more to think.

You exited from my life,
Not even a letter did you send me.
Where have you disappeared?
I cannot rest from crying.

Day and night I sigh,
Remembering your kisses,
Time goes on to pass
As I contemplate your face.

I stare at your picture.
The sadness kills me,
From your soul I beg:
Don’t leave without telling me.
Track Name: La Vido Do Por El Raki

La vida do por el raki, no puedo yo dexarlo;
De bever nunca me arti de tanto amarlo.

Cuando esta en el baril,
El no havla del todo;
Cuando me hago yo candil,
Me ago baños de lodo.

El ya mos aze divorsar
Casamientos de oro;
La vida yo quero pasar
Con risas y con lloros.

Me siento yo hijo varon,
Me siento yo primario;
Sin tener liras el cashon,
Me siento millionario.

I give my life for alcohol, I cannot leave it;
I never tire of drinking for I love it so much.

When it's in the barrel,
It doesn't speak back at all;
When I get all fired up,
I take a bath in mud.

It makes us divorce
Our golden weddings;
I want to go through life,
With laughter and with tears.

I feel like a real young man,
I feel like a winner;
Even without money in the drawer,
I feel like a millionaire.
Track Name: El Leon Ferido
Kuando el mundo avla una lingua ke no entiendes
I tus pensadas no tienen traduksion;
Kuando las palavras viajan avagar avagar
I se piedren durante la tranzmision.

Kuando tu amante de la vida no es komo lo akodras
I su golor i savor te son estranyas;
Kuando tu bives tu dia komo un aktor
Ma el senario esta en la nievla.

En los tiempos de grande apreto,
Enfortese tu korason.
Afilu si tu estas en la puerta de la muerte,
La lampa tiene luz antes ke se amato,
El leon ferido ainda save bramear.

Kuando tu temes ke esto es todo ke tienes
I no ay mas shenas en la opera de tu vida;
Kuando tu demandas si agora ya no es tadre
I si puedes tomar otra vision.

When the world speaks a language you don’t understand
And your thoughts have no translation;
When words travel in slow motion
And get lost in the transmission.

When your lover is not as you remember
And his scent and taste are strange;
When you move through your day like an actor
But the script is in a haze.

At times of great fear,
Strengthen your heart.
Even if you stand at death’s door,
The lamp has light before it is extinguished,
The wounded lion still knows how to roar.

When you’re scared that this is all you have
And there are no more scenes to your life’s work;
When you ask if it’s too late now
And if you can take another look.

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